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Cultural History

Everyday Life & Luxury

Why bling booms when austerity rises

Seán Williams, a leading cultural historian examines why luxury has fascinated and enraged from the 18th century to today

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German Literature & Thought

Proms Plus: Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Presenter Seán Williams discusses Beethoven the man and his time. Through a series of readings we learn what inspired the composer’s great work, and we encounter cultural life around 1800. 

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German & LGBT+ History

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In Our Time: Death in Venice

Thomas Mann's novella, written on holiday in Italy, is hardly light summer reading.

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The Lives of Lapdogs and Cow Culture

How art fell in love with the humble pooch

Seán Williams reports on a new exhibition showcases a dogged devotion to our
four-legged friends. 

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History of the Hairdresser

The Rise and Fall of the Hairdresser

New Generation Thinker Seán Williams considers the depiction
of hairdressers in prints and prose and the role they have played
in society, from ETA Hoffman to Balzac and beyond.

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E.T.A. Hoffmann and the Hairdresser around 1800

Seán Williams examines the hairdresser as a character of society and literature around 1800, in an open-access academic article.

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